Om race-hygiejne og IQ-forskning


Den 9. november 2013

Opdateret: 16. november 2013

Nyborgs trofaste proselyt Emil Ole William Kirkegaard retter under brugernavnet Deleet i Nyborgs engelske Wikipedia artikel. Ole Emil indføjer bl.a. følgende afsnit, et rørende forsvar for Emils store helt Nyborg, som nu er kommet i problemer pga. hans store vanskeligheder med fakta.

»On 31 October 2013 he was convicted of scientific misconduct by the Danish Council for Scientific Misconduct after a 2 year investigation concerning his paper ''The decay of Western civilization: Double relaxed Darwinian selection'' published in Personality and Individual Differences, they found him guilty on 2 charges (out of 6 in total of which the last was 'various other complaints'). The first was that he had published a paper without a co-author which the UVVU thought he should have credited. Nyborg had actually offered co-authorship to the person in question, but he had refused to be a co-author, so Nyborg chose to publish it himself. Nevertheless, the UVVU chose to find him guilty on that ground. The second was for neglecting to mention in the methodology section that he had converted a total fertility rate into a crude birth rate. When Nyborg learned that this was a problem, he sent an addendum to the journal, which is common practice when errors or omissions are found in published papers. However, the UVVU still considered it scientific misconduct.«

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Afsnittet er naturligvis helt i strid med Wikipedias retningslinier. Det gi'r dårlig WikiKarma, Emil.